My Leggings Are Finally HERE!

by Carmen Morgan

My Leggings Are Finally HERE!


The day I’ve been so excited for! I am beyond pumped to finally share my first ever #MTCleggings with you all! After months of brainstorming, designing, fabric testing and so much more I can truly say I LOVE these leggings! They’re bright, they have a fun pattern, they fit like a second skin, and I could hang out in them all day. You’re going to absolutely LOVE the way these leggings look & feel when you put them on! Ok…on to the back story and fun details about this secret project I’ve been so busy working on!!


I've been dying to share all the deets with you guys about why I've teamed up with Four Athletics to bring you my very first pair of custom designed leggings! So first off, the quality is just so legit! I would know, I’ve tried A LOT of different leggings. The crazy thing is they’re able to offer this top quality at a much more affordable price than competitors. How? Let me try to explain as simply as possible:

Crowdfunding Model:

  • Leggings are only available for an Exclusive 3 Week time frame
  • They only make exactly what is ordered during that time frame. 100 Leggings ordered = 100 Leggings made.
  • This model matches supply and demand 100% of the time, helping eliminate waste of goods and materials.
  • They cut out the middleman and sell direct to consumer.  
I am all about their message and feel right at home collaborating with  Four Athletics! Oh, and did I mention, 100% of their products are made here in the USA (less than 2% of all active wear that's bought in the USA is actually made here)...who doesn't love supporting local? I could go on more but you get the point, I'm in love with their product & their mission, & you will be too!


With all three styles of these leggings you can rest assured they will fit like a beautiful glove! Squat, run, stretch, grocery shop, or just stand around looking fly.

Dark Blue, High Rise, Bare Fabric  $69 (compared to $120 retail price!)
  • Y’all already know how much I love blue! Well, in this first design the blue of the leggings is one of my absolute favorite shades of blue. It’s rich, bright, and universally flattering. The lining of the leggings is also blue, so when you squat, stretch, bend and snap (or whatever else you might do) the color won’t fade or get distorted. In this first option, where the base color is the ‘star of the show’, the pattern is just there to compliment and add a little fun!     BUY NOW



Light Blue, High Rise, Bare Fabric – $69 (compared to $120 retail price!)

    • In my second design you’ll notice that the pattern takes center stage. The lining of these is silver (which I love), making the leggings really shine, complimenting that gorgeous sea blue color and coming together for a really unique style. And check out that pattern POP!!! I just love how this combo really lets you see the details of that funky floral motif crawling up the legs. I also adore how these have #denimvibes allowing for so many styling options.     BUY NOW

Carbon Gray, High Rise, Bare Fabric – $69 (compared to $120 retail price!) 

  • This third design is my way of doing a "classic black legging”. It’s dark, carbon coloring & the subtlety of how the design shows makes this legging an easy go-to for any group classes, grocery shopping, or sporty-casual outfit needs you might have. I love bright colors, but there’s something about a dark, classic legging like this one. Goes with EVERYTHING & has just enough spice to stand out!     BUY NOW



    Now, for some important fit details & real talk about price. These fit like a dream! They stretch smoothly over your legs and booty and don’t cut into your waist. They have plenty of stretch and are super soft & comfortable. I'd recommend checking out their Size Chart first, I wear size 6.
    Use discount code 'CARMEN' to get 10% off your order
    My goal was to offer the best fabric, fit, & overall quality for about half of what other top Brands are asking & Four Athletics helped me achieve that. I wanted top quality leggings that I could feel genuinely good about. I love that the process eliminates waste by only making what is wanted, is more efficient, more responsible, & made in the USA. Be on the look out for giveaways I'll be doing on Instagram (make sure you're following me), yay!!
    All three options are just different enough to enjoy in the same closet and even rock in the same week!
    I want these leggings to make you LOOK and FEEL like the powerful, capable, strong woman (or man) that you are! I love wearing mine and I can’t wait to see how you style yours! I know y’all will be slaying them & giving me all kinds of #inspo & ideas.


    I knew I wanted to create a pair of leggings that were both beautiful & functional. I have worn so, so, so many different brands of leggings in my lifetime, so I know what I like and what does & doesn’t work. I love a good quality material, rich colors, and a comfortable fit that allows me to rock them all day. I don’t want to worry about a waist band that falls down or a fit that squeezes my booty and legs like sausages but doesn’t fit my waist. Lol. When I put on leggings, I don’t want to have to worry about how thin the fabric is and I definitely don’t want any limitations to what can be done in my leggings. They should make me look & feel fly whether I’m gettin' extra sweaty from a HIIT workout or simply walking around the grocery store.  
    Shout out to Four Athletics for this amazing collaboration! Don’t forget these leggings are exclusive, they’re ONLY available until March 27th so be sure to order yours ASAP. Remember to post pics in your new leggings on Insta, tag me and make sure to include #MTCLeggings 

    Carmen Morgan
    Carmen Morgan