Exercise & Hydration

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Exercise & Hydration

Houston, TX, my home, is beautiful, but unfortunately it can also be quite, unbearably hot a good amount of the year. As a Houstonian, I know how important it is to make sure that I stay well hydrated while enjoying & exercising in the great outdoors. I do not want to give up being active outside, even in the hottest months, so that is why I practice safe & effective hydration & make sure to replenish my body with the hydration it needs. 
In my teen years I neglected my hydration levels & often waited till muscles were cramping before I would slow down & really take stock of what my body was telling me. As I pursued my career in Personal Training & became more knowledgeable in all areas of fitness & health, I began to understand just how important hydration is, especially when exercising in this Houston heat. I was also looking for a way to replenish & supply a few electrolytes without having to turn to a sugary sports drink. I highly regulate my sugar intake, I do not eat sugary snacks or drink sugary juices or sodas so I’m not willing to down a sports drink chock full of sugar simply for the electrolytes. I tried the electrolyte gels, but again I was not a fan of the high sugar count. Also gels should be taken with water in order to ensure they work properly & effectively hydrate, so I cut that down to just one step and I started using Simple Truth Water from my local Kroger. Its cheaper than sports drinks, works as effectively, & has no sugar or carbs because it’s simply hydration. 
Below are a few tips about hydration: 
Before exercising drink about 15-20 ounces of water, generally about 1.5-2 hours before. Sip on another glass or about 8 ounces about 15-20min before your workout as well. 
During exercise sip water about every 15min, especially if you are exercising outdoors in Houston or another hot environment or if you’re sweating profusely. If you’re working out for longer than an hour, doing any sort of long distance running, jogging, or cycling then definitely reach for water with electrolytes like Simple Truth Vapor Distilled Water with Electrolytes, to replenish. 
You can also weigh yourself before & after your workout, for every pound of water weight lost, replace it with 16-20 ounces of Water or Water with Electrolytes. Another way to just quickly assess yourself is by slipping into the ladies’ room, if you have a large amount of light-colored urine, then you’re hydrated. If it’s dark, then you’ll know you need to drink more before, during, and after your workout.
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Carmen Morgan
Carmen Morgan


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February 08, 2017

Very informative great idea on how to consume water b4, during, n after workouts.

Thank you,


January 02, 2017

Great advice…more detailed and helpful than the typical drink eight 8 oz glasses of water per day. Much appreciated.

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